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EM64ZYW02 120V DC   1.6N.m    250RPM 42W 1A S2 IP54 F










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Shenbo Electromechanical


Inner packing:1pc/polystyrene surround with polyethylene bag.

Outer packing:Cardboard cartons with printed labels detailing reference, shrink-wrapped and cardboard jacket placed over carton with printed label detailing packing list.


EM64ZYW02 motor is a miniature DC permanent magnet square worm gear motor, which can be used in a variety of low-speed transmission devices.



Q:The worm gear motor’s feature?
A:For the worm gear motor,it widely used in different kind of areas,like the short used/duty machine,also,the worm gear could offer high torque in a short time.And generalize all the elements,the worm gear could reach the target torque and cost lower.

Q:How can I order your motor,what’s the MOQ?
A:About the detailed information,please kindly send us a mail about the motor you need,also,we can just make the parameters to yours to fit your requirements,you can tell us the output parameters you need and we will have a plan for you,trying the best,at your service.
About the MOQ,we can make the samples for you,But for the bulk production,we prefer the MOQ is 100pcs.Please kindly know,.

Q:When will make delivery?
A:The lead time of all the motors shall be different,Also depend on the quantity you need and the fluctuation of the material markets.So when you tell us all the elements,we will generalize all the stuff to make sure you will get your motors in time.

The motor 90ZYJ was a worm based,and had been constantly produced for a longtime in our factory,famous for the stable quality and prompt lead time.Also contained the stable quantity.



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